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  • Welcome to the Coleford Town Plan. A chance to have your say on the future of your town

Welcome to Coleford Town Plan

Coleford is forming its first Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

As part of the changes that have been brought in through The Localism Act and Neighbourhood Planning Regulations communities have the right to produce their own NDP for their own community.

The final consultation will be taking place from Monday 8th May to Sunday 18th June 2017. You can find all you need to take part on our Consultation Page.

The Plan is a document made up of maps, lists, information and policies, all of which will focus on shaping new development in the area.

The Plan has to be in line with the Local Plan and National Planning Policy Framework but with a view to conserving the character and most valued elements of the town. Coleford has always changed, but this is a chance for the people who live, work and use Coleford as their centre, to have their say in the town’s future.

The NDP process is being steered by a group of  local people and Councillors who live and work in Coleford.

The NDP will go through a number of stages including examination and referendum, and, if passed, will then be made law.


  • Coleford
    Gloucestershire, UK


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