The Plan and Appendices

Below you can find links to the Plan and its appendices. You can also view some of the Plan’s maps in more detail on our Maps page.
The Plan – Regulation 14 Consultation Draft, May 2017
May 2017 Regulation 14 Coleford Neighbourhood Development Plan
Appendix A – Coleford Character Assessment
Appendix B – Consultation Evidence Summary
Appendix C – Making sense of the FoD Coleford Housing Allocation Numbers
Appendix D – Site Assessments: Appendix E – Access Survey Findings
Appendix F – Coleford Community Use Facilities
Appendix G – Coleford Undesignated Heritage Value
Appendix H – Coleford Green Spaces 2017
(Letters I and O weren’t used, to avoid confusion with numbers)
Appendix J – Traffic Census February 2016
Appendix K – Newland Parish Council Response to Minerals Plan
Appendix L – Tree Preservation Orders in Coleford
Appendix M – Coleford Listings and Scheduled Ancient Monuments Archaeology
Appendix N – Landscape Character Assessment for Bells Field
(Letters I and O weren’t used, to avoid confusion with numbers)
Appendix P – Use Classes Order
Appendix Q – Core Strategy proposals map FoDDC
Appendix R – Coleford Valued Views
Appendix S – Interim Coleford NDP HRA LSE Screening – Consultation Draft April (1.2) 2017
Appendix T – Interim Coleford NDP SEA April 2017 – Consultation Draft


  • Coleford
    Gloucestershire, UK


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